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Our vision is to make a difference! For real.

About us

Finding comfortable clothes with a great fit shouldn’t be science. Women look different, that’s no news, and the way women look in real life rarely coincides with the typically ideal body portrayed in the media. Through our company, we make a difference every day by changing norms and raising a diversity of women. For us, differences are the most beautiful thing there is. Since all women are unique we have made this our priority in the development of all our products. We almost guarantee we have a size and shape that suits you! We should not have to adapt to the shirt, the shirt should adapt to us and our body´s!

SHESIZE is a Swedish brand founded in 2019 by Emmeli Marmander. In 2021 Sandra Turner joined the brand as a co-founder. We both have our origin from Sri Lanka, and through our upbringing as adopted in Sweden got opportunities in life that many from our origin dream of.

Now we want to give back and create opportunities for more people. One of our visions for our company is therefore to own a factory in Sri Lanka, in which we will have our production. It also enables us to have full transparency throughout our supply chain. A modern factory with the best working environment where we also contribute with e.g. childcare and education for our employees children. Part of our vision and something we work for in everything we do is to make a difference.

We see that most of those around us in life want to help contribute to a better world - a world where EVERYONE counts. With our product you will be able to contribute and help getting the world one step closer to a better place. In a few years time, a certain percentage of the sales of our shirts will go directly to education in Sri Lanka. We all benefit from creating better conditions and opportunities in life, for more people than ourselves.





The shirt is our most sought after statement piece, yet we’re always looking for that perfect one. Here you will find the shirt in a classic design, in four colors and 35 different sizes. Combine your body size and bust to find the ultimate fit for you. Shirts that suits your body - no matter what background, shape or size.


Emmeli & Sandra

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