About us

SHESIZE is a Swedish brand founded in 2019 by Emmeli Marmander. The brand's ambition is to make a difference, for women, in the industry, for our norms and within fashion.

SHESIZE wants to create an easily accessible wardrobe focusing on fit, without compromising on design or quality.

Finding comfortable clothes with a great fit shouldn’t be science. Women look different, that’s no news, and the way women look in real life rarely coincides with the typically ideal body portrayed in the media. They say that pictures say more than a thousand words, but a number doesn't - whether its an age or size. The meaning of a size should be no more than an indication of what might fit you, and not have any other meaning whatsoever, whether positive or negative.

The brand launched its first item of many, The signature shirt, autumn 2019. The shirt is our most sought after statement piece, yet we’re always looking for that perfect one. Here you will find the shirt in a classic design, in four colors and 35 different sizes. Combine your body size and bust to find the ultimate fit for you.