SHESIZE featured in British Vogue November issue!

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We are so honored to be selected by British Vogue for their November issue. They found that our brand sends a powerful message which validates that we are not only solving a problem but also making demands on the fashion industry. We are the right people to do it ❤️  Läs mer
Shesize is about Honesty ,Diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and validation.
A real business with a focus on the unique shape of women.
There was a gap in the industry that we needed to adress and make a change.
The Fashion industry,  A multi-billion business is spent every year by a diversity of people, for us, it's about getting in the game, but also realising that if we want to have these conversations and the impact in these spaces, we needed to create our own space and start somewhere.
Be better for women's view of themselves self and to make an impact for real, today women make demands , we see more women in high positions and female owned businesses , Today women dare to embrace there beautiful shapes and make demands on the fashion industry, and we need to keep up! 
We believe that we can come together as women and be a source of inspiration for the younger generations and the hope of a brighter future.
Our shirts suits your body no matter what shape, or background, the fashion industry needs bo be challenged and we are here to make a change.
Our core values are not just what we do, it's who we are❤️
We hope that you will follow our journey and find out more about us!
X Emmeli
Founder & CEO

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